SR-9009 - Powder


SR-9009 – Powder

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It provides a wide array of benefits to help you become leaner and stronger. As such, SR9009 is one of the most recognized compounds to help enhance the performance of athletes, weightlifters, and bodybuilders.

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SR9009 sarms powder Europe

SR9009 sarms powder also referred to as Stenabolic, is a SARM or selective androgen receptor modulator. It is one of the most popular performance enhancers today promising increased endurance along with reversing the mitochondrial damage.

As a SARM, it offers similar effects as steroids but without the usual side effects. It provides a wide array of benefits to help you become leaner and stronger. As such, SR9009 is one of the most recognized compounds to help enhance the performance of athletes, weightlifters, and bodybuilders.

Medical Overview SR9009 sarms powder

SR9009 works by attaching to Rev-Erbα, one of the body’s naturally occurring molecules. Rev-Erbα influences the glucose and lipid metabolism in the liver, the organ that serves to produce fat-storing cells. This molecule also influences how macrophages respond during inflammation.

In a study involving mice, the lack of Rev-Erbα shows a significant decrease in the muscle’s metabolic activity and running capacity. But according to this study, SR9009 can be used to activate Rev-Erbα that leads to increased metabolic activity in the skeletal muscle.

The study was conducted to mice, which showed around 50% running capacity increased when treated with stenabolic and that is even with restricted exercise. Based on this particular study, the animals treated with SR9009 developed muscles the same way an athlete who goes into training.

It seems that Rev-Erbα has an effect on the muscle cells, which happens with new mitochondria produced. At the same time, the macrophages remove defective mitochondria. With this, it is showed that SR9009 is one of the most powerful endurance boosters in the market.

Rev-Erbα plays an essential role in the regulation of metabolism and circadian rhythm of the body. With SR9009’s help to stimulate Rev-Erbα, the body benefits from more evident metabolic boosts. SR9009 is currently being researched for its potential to help people with limited tolerance exercise.

Compared to anabolic steroids

there are no known side effects in the use of SR9009. But of course, it is recommended that you stop using it and talk with your healthcare provider if you notice anything untoward while taking SR9009.

There are many advantages that this particular SARM can offer you. One of the most obvious benefits is that you can use it for a standalone cycle or you may choose to use it with an existing stack. Rest assured there are no side effects whatsoever when you stack it with another cycle.

Benefits SR9009 sarms powder

When taking SR9009, it is as if your body is exercising and recovering by itself steadily, even when you are resting. It has many benefits to provide, including fat loss, increased endurance, supercharged metabolism, and hypertrophy.

When you take it together with a regular exercise routine and a good diet, you can benefit from bigger muscles. It is also capable of increasing the number of macrophages in your cells, thereby improving your endurance. When exercising, you will be sure to lift better and do more cardio sessions.

The effects of SR9009 are intracellular level, which means you can experience a fantastic impact in terms of amplified metabolism. Besides enhancing your metabolism, building lean muscles, and increasing your endurance, SR9009 is also capable of activating the metabolism of glucose and lipids.

It means better fat loss with SR9009 improving your metabolism to the point that it burns fat even while you are resting. According to existing clinical studies about SR9009, it is also capable of reducing plasma glucose and triglycerides, which mean it is an effective treatment for conditions such as diabetes.

Based on studies about this compound, it may be able to reduce the levels of total cholesterol and triglycerides. It may also be effective in suppressing the levels of LDL cholesterol. Taking SR9009 for around 8 weeks will be able to result to a notable decrease in your cholesterol and overall health.

How to Take

The best dosage for SR9009 is somewhere between 20mg and 30mg per day. If you split the dosage, taking one half in the morning then the other in the evening, it will help you get the best balance since SR9009 has a very short half-life.

SARMs are available in different forms, and powdered SARMs are known to be the most potent. In taking powdered SR9009, the method is to mix the recommended dosage with alcohol or your favorite energy drink. You can also mix it with juice then down it in one drink so you can minimize the taste.

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